International Office

Offical advisory service about a semester abroad, ERASMUS+, university partnerships, etc.


This is a name for one of the CIP Pools in the FIM building. The room owes its name to its glass front.


There are multiple apps for the mensa which all could show at least the current menu. For Android, there is also an app for the Sports Centre with an overview of currently offered sports and dates. The official Passau-App provides city maps, a list of pubs and information about (guided) city tours, events and free parking spaces in car parks.

AStA - student council

The student council is the student representative body at university level. It consists of four to six representatives elected by the Student Parliament, the student Senate members and other members. Further information is available at

Audimax (Auditorium Maximum)

The largest lecture hall on a campus. Ours (room AM 10) is located in the building with the clock tower directly opposite the FIM building.

Counseling interview

An interview with a FIM professor of your choice, in which you will be informed of any problems that may arise during your studies.

B. Sc.

Abbreviation of "Bachelor of Science".

Campus blog

At you can find current information about campus life. Every member of the university has the possibility to register with their ZIM credentials and to write his or her own posts.


An important place to get food and coffee in the Audimax, the mensa building, the Faculty of Business, Economics and Information Systems building and the Nikolakloster (Culture Café).


Since summer semester 2015, the CampusCard has been a combination of a mensa, photocopy and admission card for the FIM, Sports Centre and underground parking lots and also serves as bus ticket and student ID card.

CIP Pool

Meeting point and workroom for FIM students in the basement of the FIM. "CIP" stands for "Computer Investment Program".

Dean of the faculty

Leads a faculty together with the Vice Dean and the Dean of Studies, which has many tasks in various committees.

Dean's office

The administration of a faculty.


Uniform WiFi access at many international universities. Also enables the use of the ZIM credentials or certificate for registration in the WiFi of other universities.


Every semester you have the possibility to anonymously evaluate courses and lecturers. The feedback is taken very seriously by the faculty management, making it the most powerful instrument of direct student influence. The results can be viewed by all students in the Dean's office. The FSinfo also carries out evaluations at irregular intervals.


All students of a faculty.

"Fachschaftsvertretung" - student committee

That's us, the FSinfo!


Total number of semesters that you have already studied in a particular degree programme. Not to be confused with → Hochschulsemester

FIM - Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics

Abbreviation for the name of our faculty. Occasionally you can also find the old term "FMI".

Women's Network Computer Science

The women's network organizes various lectures and excursions every semester. These are - as the name may mistakenly suggest - not only for women interesting but also for men.


A person with a keen interest in technical and fictional topics.


A popular event of FSinfo and the IEEE Student Branch in the summer semester, see barbecue.

Student assistant

If you are looking for a little extra income, as well as an insight into the work of the professorships, you can apply for one of the numerous positions at the FIM. Just ask the chair of your choice.


The online portal for examination administration, registration for exams and grade certification.


Total number of semesters you have already studied at any university. Not to be confused with → Fachsemester


Those who live in Passau will get to know one or two floods over time. The situation was particularly catastrophic in the summer semester 2013. If you're interested, just google "Passau räumt auf".

IEEE Student Branch Passau

The IEEE Student Branch Passau organizes numerous talks, workshops and other events and hence is the place to go not only for technical training. Furthermore there is a close cooperation between them and the FSinfo, e.g. in terms of the annual barbecue or the TmN party.


A popular place for barbecuing and sunbathing in front of the Philo.


The Innstegaula (ISA) is the red brick building next to the Innwiese.

ITZ (IT-Zentrum) - International House

Building directly behind the FIM, where many courses and exercises take place. There are also numerous computer science chairs.


Survivval tips.

Culture Café

The cafeteria in the Nikolakloster regularly hosts cultural events on Friday evenings.


Text typesetting system with built-in macro language, which is usually used in the natural sciences instead of Word to create documents.


Traditional greeting of the Quietschies through the university and the city at the beginning of each winter semester. As the name suggests, there is also Leberkäs (a special type of meatloaf), drinks and vegetarian snacks.


The mensa offers several different dishes daily in the range of 1.90€ to 5.00€. Sometimes there are also more expensive special offers.
Tip: Enter "mensa" command in the CIP Pool

Module catalogue

Overview of creditable and mandatory courses in a degree programme with detailed descriptions.

M. Sc.

Abbreviation of „Master of Science“


The stereotype of people who are particularly keen on computers and technology.

Orientation week

The so-called orientation week takes place one to two weeks before the beginning of each semester. New students (Quietschies) get a warm welcome and some information about their studies here.


An event held regularly at various chairs in which bachelor and master students, as well as research assistants, present their work. Interested students can gain insight into current research topics of the chairs here.

Pforte / gate

Should something be lost, just ask the porter.


Abbreviation for the Philosophicum (building) or designation for students of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Also our "Tussies" at the TmN party.

Vice Dean of the faculty

Deputy of the Dean.

Board of Examiners

Decides which lectures / courses are eligible in which degree programmes.

Exam records

Can be requested from the Computer Science and Mathematics student committee via mail to Important: Help us keeping our collection up to date by handing in your own records!


The the first-semester students are jokingly called "Quietschie". Since they are usually not so familiar with the buildings at the beginning of their studies, they often run into the wrong lecture room. The squeaky chairs give them their nickname.


→  Recursion


By transferring the semester fee at the end of the semester one is reregistered for the next one.


Examinations in courses that are not creditable in your own degree programme, but can be completed with the final grade, if the respective professor has given his or her permission. These grades are listed neither in the final certificate nor in HISQIS.

Key competence

Courses offered by the ZKK that deal with interdisciplinary principles. Formerly called "key qualifications".

SEP, Software Engineering Practical

Software Engineering Practical

Student Senate members

The Senate is one of the most important bodies at the university. There, important decisions are made for the orientation of the university. In addition to the non-public sessions of the Senate, the student Senate members also campaigns for your interests in the Extended University Executive and, of course, in the Student Parliament.

Dean of Studies

Supports the Dean of the faculty in terms of ​​course planning, assurance of teaching quality and teaching evaluation.

Study plan / Curriculum

Describes in which semester the respective lectures are heard. Not to be confused with the timetable.

Student Parliament

Every two weeks, in the StuPa, the elected representatives of the various student political organizations, the four student committees and the two student Senate members come together to discuss current topics of university politics, proposals and, if necessary, to adopt the latter after a vote. The sessions are public and will be announced in the Campus blog. See also university politics.


The learning platform of the University of Passau operated by ZIM at and the corresponding open source project at


Describes your weekly schedule during a semester just like at school. Not to be confused with the study plan!

Examination regulations

The study and examination regulations is the "contract" that you enter into at the beginning of your studies with the university. It forms the framework for your studies.

Underground parking lot

Survival Tips

TmN party

→ See "Tussi meets Nerd"


Designation of a circumstance that everyone regards as understandable and simple. Used to avoid giving evidence ("The rest then is trivial ...").

Homework Boxes

Letterboxes that serve for the handing in of exercise sheets and are located directly next to room IM 030 in the FIM if no deviating information is provided. Since the Corona Pandemic, many exercise sheets are to be handed in online.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Used for connection to the university network and campus WiFi Eduroam or for external use of internal university services. Tutorials and help can be found on the homepage of the ZIM.

Weekend of Code

Well-known programming event at the FIM, organized by the IEEE Student Branch. For one weekend, projects in your favorite programming language are developed in the CIP Pool.


The Centre for Information Technology and Media Services is located in the FIM building. It is located on the first floor above the three lecture halls and the ZIM computer pools.


The Centre for Careers and Competencies supports you in terms of career planning and job hunting, provides seminars for key competencies and helps with scholarships and stays abroad.


The Centre for Media and Communication is located between the FIM and mensa buildings and is the newest building on the campus. The inventory consist of a television and recording studio, video and multimedia rooms and a eLearning laboratory.

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