Here you will find a range of events that we offer in our O-weeks. Some of these may not take place in the current O-week. You can find the specific schedule for the current O-week here.

Kick-Off event

The most important event in the entire O-week is the kick-off event. Here, the rest of the O-week will be clarified in more detail and any questions that may still remain unanswered will be clarified. We will also explain all the important things you need for your studies, such as: ⁃ How do I register for courses? ⁃ How do I put together my timetable? ⁃ How does it work with the exams and the grades? and what else has changed compared to school.


At the help desk we will be available to answer individual questions and problems after the kick-off event. We will also be available throughout the rest of the O-week (and your study time ;) ) by email at, by telephone or can be reached in person in our office in room IM 244.


During the kick-off event you can register for our mentoring program, where you will be assigned a mentor (student) from your course of study. Your mentor accompanies you through your studies and offers you the opportunity to obtain information about your course of study quickly, unbureaucratically and personally.

Teacher information event

If you are studying a teaching degree course, we have a separate information event for you specifically on the topic of teaching at the FIM. In addition, you should also take a look at the O-Week offer from the Student Representative Council for Teaching (StuVeLa) and the kick-off event of the SoBi (social and educational sciences) student council.

Library tour

During the computer introduction, there will be a short break for a library tour, in which you will learn how to find your way around our libraries and borrow books.

IT services introduction from ZIM

At the IT services introduction, the ZIM introduces itself to you and explains how to use your ZIM ID and CampusCard and the associated services. In addition to the online portals Stud.IP, QISPOS, the campus portal, ILIAS and others, these also include the university VPN and mail service. The introduction slides are available online on the ZIM website.