TmN Party

In the first few weeks of your studies you get to know the university better than you might like - but as soon as you feel at home there, you should think about the following questions: Can you imagine finding a cocktail bar instead of a coffee and ice cream machine? A wild party in the foyer with loud music and glaring light effects? That at 2 a.m. people would pay over 50€ just to get into the building - even though they know that the whole thing is over at 3 a.m.? Sounds funny? But it was!

The cult status of Tussi meets Nerd is hard to put into words. Understandable, after all, the FSphilo and FSinfo, with the support of the IEEE Student Branch, jointly transform the Philosophicum and the Nikolakloster into the biggest student party area in the city! Of course, an event of this scale means a lot of coordination and work. However, after ten editions of the TmN we have enough experience and the success proves us right: the advance booking dates always take on grotesque proportions: You think you’ve seen the Mensa full before? Then you haven’t seen a queue of people stretching the entire length of the square - an hour before pre-sales start!

More than 1000 guests per party, over 150 helpers and 2000 litres of drinks each time, two areas with several DJs, but never any complications worth mentioning - the party is a complete success every time!

At the moment it is not known when the next Tussi meets Nerd Party will take place. We will keep you posted.

Nerd Quiz

At the beginning of each semester we organise an exciting nerd quiz on various nerd topics, such as film universes, video games, mangas… but also more general topics like technology, Passau, sports and leisure and much more.

Not only FIM students are invited, but also students from other faculties, former students, friends and relatives of students and anyone else who is interested. It is best to participate in groups of 3-5, but you can also form larger groups or compete individually or in pairs.

These quizzes usually take place in a pub in attendance time, with enough breaks to make it a fun evening and to give you the opportunity to meet new people.

Barbecue Party

Every summer we organise a barbecue party for members and friends of our faculty - usually on the evening of the university elections. FSinfo, in cooperation with the IEEE Student Branch, not only provides juicy steaks, vegetarian delicacies and cool drinks, but also challenges you, for example, to “throw your hard drive”. By the way, our traditional barbecue party is also a wonderful opportunity to get to know lecturers up close and personal. We look forward to a large turnout every year!

Mulled wine and iced tea

As soon as the temperatures allow, we will give away mulled wine to you in the pre-Christmas period. In the summer semester, we also offer homemade iced tea. You can use this opportunity to ask us questions about your studies in a cosy atmosphere and tell us about any problems you may have in your everyday study life. We can then use this information to make your studies at FIM even better.