Here you will find a range of events that we offer in our O-weeks. Some of these may not take place in the current O-week. You can find the specific schedule for the current O-week here.

Campus rally

At our campus rally you will get to know the unique campus of the University of Passau in a fun way. It consists of a series of QR codes distributed around campus. The campus rally opens after the kick-off event and remains open throughout the entire O-week. It is up to you whether and when you take part in the campus rally.

Unfortunately there are currently no prizes to be won.


At the cozy campfire you have the opportunity to talk to your new fellow students and make new contacts.

Trip to the fortress

Together we make our leisurely way to Veste Oberhaus.

Pub Crawl

On our pub crawl you will get to know the best bars in the city. In addition to your fellow students, you can also come into contact with older students who join you there. Even professors regularly take part in our pub crawl.

Game night

At the game evening we offer you classic team building and getting to know games around the campus and your fellow students.

Pub Quiz

Test your knowledge of cult films/series, video games, music, history, interesting facts about the city of Passau and many other topics with our pub quiz/nerd quiz. There is also a small prize money waiting for the winning team.