What is the O-Week?

The first steps on the university campus without time pressure? The orientation week (O-week) makes it possible. It helps you find your way around the university campus, get to know your future fellow students and clarify your first questions. It will be organized by the student council of your faculty. It is the ideal entry point into your studies and is therefore primarily aimed at bachelor’s students. Participation is strongly recommended.

The two largest components of the O-week at FIM are the Maths Bridge Course and the Computer Introduction. The Maths Bridge Course is intended to simplify the transition from “school mathematics” to the demands of university courses. In the computer introduction, the handling of Linux-based computers and the special features of the computer systems at our faculty are explained.

In the summer semester there is a somewhat reduced programme - the maths bridge course is omitted and the O-week therefore occupies only one week directly before lectures begin. However, the beginners of the summer semester are cordially invited to take part in the Maths Bridge Course in the following winter semester and brush up on their school knowledge in the process.

During the Orientation week, in addition to the kick-off event, further information events take place during the day and entertainment is provided in the evening through various social events.

It is highly recommended to take part in the orientation week (especially at the kick-off event), as you will receive important information for your studies from your student council (just students as well) and can make contact with your fellow students.

Current O-Week

The Orientation week in the summer semester 2024 begins with the kick-off event on 08.04.2024 at 8 a.m. in the lecture hall 11 (building for Computer Science and Mathematics).

The specific timetable for the current O week is available as:

Since the computer introduction is primarily organized by the FIM system support, the information can be found on the FIM Orientation week page. The timetable for the computer introduction is also published there.

More about O-Week

The O-Week consists of events from various parts of the university. The most important ones are linked here.