University politics

University politics sounds daunting and for most students it will remain an abstract term during their whole studies. However, after considering this topic for a bit one recognizes two things: On the one hand, university politics is indeed a very sophisticated topic. Secondly, students have a large scope of influence on many levels.

An important part of our work as Computer Science and Mathematics student committee is to represent your interests in university bodies, in conversations with the University Executive and the Faculty Board. In short: We do university politics! We are legitimated to do this by you and your vote that you can cast at the university elections. If you are interested in becoming involved with an university body, then visit our meetings! We are always happy about new members.

The university elections take place once a year in the summer semester. At this election the students vote their representatives in the student committee of their faculty, in the Student Parliament and the two representatives in the Senate.
A high voter participation in the university elections is important, because it gives importance to the student committee and makes clear, that we as students want to shape the university actively and to be involved in decisions.

We need this kind of backing as student committee to carry your concerns through and actually be heard in the university bodies.

For many years the voter participation in the university elections has been highest at the Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics, in comparison to the other faculties. This is the case, even if the participation rate dropped drastically in 2014 at all faculties and most drastically at our faculty.
The Faculty of Computer Science and Mathematics is comparatively small and therefore every vote counts a lot and can make a difference. Thus it's in your hand to bring our faculty back to its former strength in the course of the next university elections!

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