Our nominees for the university elections in the summer semester 2019

1. Simon

Simon is in his fourth semester of computer science studies and has been a member of the student committee since October 2018. As organizer of last year's TmN and by participating in many other activities, he has already shown organizational talent. Furthermore, it is his concern that Quietschies can start their studies with the best possible advice. Simon represents us in the transfer advisory board and has first experiences in exchanging our concerns with the university executive. As a member of several appointment committees, he has already been significantly involved in the development of our faculty. Therefore, the best possible communication between the faculty management and the students is very important to him.

2. Laura

Laura is studying Mathematics in her sixth semester and has joined our faculty's student committee in April 2018. She organized many social events and supports our freshman students during our orientation week and at the study information day. As the current spokeswoman of our student comitee, she already has some experience in directly representing students to the university executive and faculty executive board. For example, she is the students' representative on the faculty board or on the advisory board of the extended university executive. Laura pays special attention to good cooperation within the student committee and the continuous exchange with other faculties' student representatives.


3. Barbara

Barbara is studying Bachelor Internet Computing in her seventh semester and has been a member of the student representative committee since 2018. As a team lead, she is responsible for designing print media and information material as well as for editing our QuiX-Guide. Barbara also helps with organizing FSinfo's variety of events such as our "Tussi meets Nerd" party or our traditional BBQ event, represents you at the University's "Round Table Diversity", and wrangles the committee's finances together with Alex. As of this semester, she is part of the appointment committee for the Professorship for Computational Rhetoric and Natural Language Processing.

4. Kassian

Kassian is studying Informatik and is member of FS Info since last octobre.
He organises regularly the Nerdquiz and other events of the FS Info like the TmN, the Barbecue, the Mulled wine give away... Besides he cares about the FS Info`s Social Media Channels, the replies to the mailings, and he`s also part of an appointments committee of an new professor.

5. Antonia

Antonia is studying Computer Science in her third semester and has been part of the student representative committee since October 2019. She likes to get in contact with students during the organization of the mentoring programme for new students and our nerd-themed pub quiz. As part of the design team she helps with designing posters and editing our QuiX-Guide.

6. Matthias

Matthias has studied Mathematics for 4 semesters and is a member of the FSinfo since october 2019.
He is involved in the organisation of our "Quietschietüten" and social events like the "Nerdquiz". Furthermore he is a part of the "Klausurenteam", which you may have already contacted.
Additionally he currently sits in the Appeals Committee for Mathematical Data Science.

7. Sven

Sven is studying computer sience in his eight semester, has been in th FSinfo since 2016 and is currently part of the faculty board as the student committee's deputy spokesman. He has been coordinating the FIM Orientations Week for two years and manages the student committee's IT systems. Especially now, he also provides advice in our online consultation hours and is committed to constantly improving the technical basis of online teaching.


8. Alexander

Alexander has been a FSinfo Member since October 2018 and is studying Computers Science - Currently in his fourth semester.
He is co-responsible for our finances and helps with maintaining the IT systems the student representative committee uses.
Furthermore Alex communicates with the IEEE SB Passau and helps with events like the "Tussi meets Nerd" party or the "Glühwein" and book giveaways.

9. Ludwig

Ludwig joined the FSinfo with the start of the wintersemester 19/20, currently studying Internet Computing in his fourth semester. He helped organizing the student councils connection event, aka the "drink and run", as well as the pubquiz. In addition, he prepares some of the Stupa proposals for the weekly meetings.

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