In the first few weeks of your studies you get to know the university better than you might like - but as soon as you feel at home there, you should think about the following questions: Can you imagine finding a cocktail bar instead of a coffee and ice-cream machine? To celebrate a wild party, densely crowded in the foyer, to loud music and glaring light effects? That at 2:00 a.m., people would pay more than 50€ just to get inside the building - even though they know it will be over by 3:00 a.m.? Sounds weird? But that's the way it was!

The cult status of the Tussi meets Nerd Party is hard to put into words. Understandably! With help of the IEEE student branch, the FSPhilo and FSinfo together transform the Philosophicum and the Nikolakloster into the city's largest students' party area. Of course, an event of this magnitude requires a lot of coordination and work. After meanwhile ten editions of the TmN, however, we have gained enough experience and the success speaks for itself: The pre-sales appointments take on grotesque proportions again and again. Do you think you have ever experienced the mensa completely crowded? Then you haven't seen a crowd, queueing all over the place in front of it, yet - hours before the ticket sales even start!

More than 1000 guests per party, more than 150 helpers and 2000 litres of drinks, two areas with multiple DJs, but never any major complications - the party is always a complete success!

It is currently not known when the next Tussi meets Nerd Party will take place. We will keep you posted.

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This event takes place in German. For more information switch to the German page on the right.


Once every summer we organize a barbecue party for members and friends of our faculty. It usually takes place on the evening of the university elections. In cooperation with the IEEE Student Branch, the FSinfo takes care of juicy steaks and cool drinks you can buy throughout the entire evening. There are also games such as "Hard disk-Throwing". This traditional barbecue by the way is a good opportunity to have a personal conversation with lecturers. We are looking forward to your numerous attendance.

Mulled wine and ice tea give-away

As soon as the temperatures allow us to do so, we give away free mulled wine in the pre-Christmas season. In summer semesters we provide self-made ice tea for you analogously. On this occasion, you can pose various questions concerning your studies to us and report on potential problems in your everyday life at the university. We can use that information in order to improve your studies at our faculty.

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