University politics

University politics may seem to be a quite obscure topic at first glance, but a brief look at the organigram at the bottom reveals that we as students actually have a large scope of influence in various quarters.

An important part of our work as students council is to represent your interests in university boards or dialogues with the university or faculity administration, i.e. do university politics. We are legitimated to do so by you and your vote at the university elections. If you are interested in becoming involved in a university board yourself, just visit us at one of our weekly meetings. We are always glad about new members.

The university elections take place once a year in the summer semester. There, the students give their vote for the students council of their respective faculty, the student convent as well as both of the studential senate members. A high election turnout is essential, as it gives importance to the students council and makes clear that we want to help shape our university and be involved in important decisions. We need this backing in order to represent your concerns insistently at the university boards.

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