Our nominees for the university elections in the summer semester 2021

1. Kassian

Since his first semester in 2019, Kassian has been active in the student committee. Whether the legendary "Tussi meets Nerd" party, nerd quizzes or game nights - he especially enjoys organizing events. Some of you might have gotten to know him in the orientation week. But did you know he is also responsible for the social media channels, the website and responding to mails? Advocating for your concerns, he additionally attends the student parliament, several appointment committees for new professors as well as the study subsidy committee. Most important to him is the direct communication with students, so your problems will be heard and taken care of quickly. As if all this were not enough, he is parallelly studying computer science and mathematics in his fourth semester.

2. Matthias

Matthias has been studying mathematics for six semesters and joined the FSinfo in October 2019. He is involved in the organization of our "Quietschietüten" (goodie bags for new students) and social events like the "Nerdquiz". Furthermore, he is part of the "Klausurenteam", which you may have already contacted. When he is not busy answering emails concerning exams, Matthias helps organize the DMV Students Conference, a mathematical conference which will take place in September. Additionally he currently sits in his second Appeals Committee to find a professor for Mathematical Optimization. Extremely important to him is the consultation of prospective and new students.

3. Antonia

Antonia is studying Computer Science in her fifth semester and has been active in the FSinfo since October 2019. You can find her organizing our popular nerd quiz and helping out at other events, such as the legendary "Tussi meets Nerd" party and during the orientation week. As head of the design team she is responsible for editing the QuiX-Guide for first-year students and supports events with posters and other print media.

4. Stephan

Stephan is studying to be a teacher in the sixth semester, specializing in the subjects mathematics and computer science, and has been part of the FSinfo since the summer semester of 2019. He has already excelled in organizing several social events, including the last TmN to date, for which he was one of the main organizers. Stephan is also part of our teaching department, the AG Lehramt, and is involved in the creation of the QuiX guide. Last but not least, Stephan is advocating your interests as a member of an appointment committee, in which a new chair will be filled in order to significantly improve our faculty.

5. Alex

Alex has been a FSinfo Member since October 2018 and is studying Computer Science - currently in his sixth semester. He is co-responsible for our finances and helps maintain the IT systems the student representative committee uses. Furthermore, Alex is a representative for the FSinfo in the IT Advisory Committee and in multiple ongoing appointment committees staffing the numerous novel professorships.

6. Simon

Simon studies computer science in the sixth semester and has been a member of the student committee since October 2018. He has already organized the TmN and helped with many other events. As the current second speaker, he has been a member of the faculty council and other committees during the current election period. In addition, he is our permanent member of the transfer advisory board and has served on several appointment committees.

7. Sven

Sven is in his second semester of the computer science master's programme and has been an FSinfo member since 2016, including one year as the student committee's deputy spokesman. You probably know him from the orientation weeks, the master's Q&A events, or our online consultation hours. He has also been managing the student committee's IT systems for a long time and currently represents you in the IT Advisory Committee and the Security Management Team of the university.

8. Martin

Martin is currently in his tenth semester of teacher training. His majors are mathematics and IT. He has been actively involved in the student body representation (FSinfo) since the winter term 2016/17. His duties span from representing teacher trainees to organizing and following through with special examination review courses in preparation for the teachers' state exams. He is greatly supported by his team, especially when organizing special events in the first week of every semester (week of orientation). He is also responsible for organizing joint projects and perpetuating a close line of communication with other student body representatives, such as BLLV (Bavarian teachers union) and StuVeLa (student body representatives for teacher trainees).

9. Ben

Ben is currently in his sixth semester of mathematics and computer science. Back when physically being on campus was nothing special, he served as a guide of the pub tour in the orientation week. He had also taken part in the technical preparations of the "Tussi meets Nerd" party multiple times. After years of experience in the IEEE, he officially joins the blue polo shirt-wearing side of the force in the summer of 2021.

10. Tobias

Tobias has been studying Computer Science for eight semesters and has been involved in the Computer Science and Mathematics student committee (FSinfo) since the winter term 2017/18. He helps maintain the committee's IT systems as well as consult Computer Science students. Furthermore, he represents you in the meeting of German Computer Science student committees (KIF) taking place every semester.

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